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Szabolcs Tóth

Szabolcs Tóth

web developer & IT engineer

Hi, my name is Szabolcs!

I am a web developer and an IT engineer from Hungary. I was thinking maybe I can help you, are you interested?

Web Development
My goal is to provide solutions to individuals and companies who wants to have a fast, modern, valid website with cross-brower and device support. You can be assured my work will meet the current standards.
Desktop Support
I can assist you, or your company's employees with technical support of computers, applications and networks. I am able to research, assess and define logical conclusions to provide the best solutions.

A small introduction

It's me!

As I said before, I work as web developer and IT engineer since 2010, but my interest for these two topics started far earlier. If somebody just come to me and ask about it, I couldn't say how long I try to get more and more experience. I always look forward to extend my knowledge and learn new things (human nature). This is really important to me because in this fast-paced world the web technology and the IT area are developing very fast. My enthusiasm and my desire for improving are what motivate me during my work, while I cooperate with my employer and with my colleagues. I try to get the best out of myself.

Just the facts

I always try to use the latest technologies and softwares to get the work done.

Do you dream about a pixel-perfect website?













Do you need a reliable desktop support technician?

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist

MCTS: Windows 7 and Office 2010, Deployment

Microsoft | License C144-1638 | April 2011

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist

MCTS: Windows 7, Configuration

Microsoft | License C144-1637 | October 2010

Microsoft Certified IT Professional

MCITP: Enterprise Desktop Support Technician on Windows 7

Microsoft | License D236-7630 | April 2011

Microsoft Certified IT Professional

MCITP: Enterprise Desktop Administrator on Windows 7

Microsoft | License C144-1639 | April 2011

Are you interested?

Send me a note, I will answer your e-mail as soon as possible.